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MA Program


Reforms in Doctral




Mission of the Programmes

The programmes' mission is to disseminate knowledge and to raise the level of academic education in the humanities.

Programme Tasks

  1. Deepen the paradigm of study in sociology and cultural studies, building on the B.A. degree. Ensure that the programmes in both fields are interdisciplinary in character.
  2. Develop M.A. students' analytic and systematic thinking.
  3. Train a new generation of university-level instructors in sociology and cultural studies.
  4. Re-train the professional community according to current needs and requirements.
  5. Develop and deepen research skills as an intermediate stage in the process of earning a Ph.D.
  6. Ensure that the M.A. degree properly prepares qualified students to advance to earning the Ph.D.
  7. Assist the departments at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv with innovative strategies of curriculum development; advance teaching and learning through innovative strategies and advanced technologies; stimulate interaction and co-operation among experts in various disciplines, thus contributing to an effective process of change, thereby helping the university to be an integrated educational unit.

To complete these tasks, the programmes envisage the following:

  1. involving university teachers in the development of core and optional courses for the M.A. programmes in sociology and cultural studies;
  2. editing course materials in sociology and cultural studies;
  3. deepening existing and developing new contacts with domestic and foreign scholars;
  4. creating an attractive environment for leading scholars from Ukraine and abroad.