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MA Program


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Development and implementation of MA Programs in Sociology and Cultural Studies in Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Goals and content

The project is directed at the development of MA Programs in Sociology and Cultural Studies, while simultaneously setting up a structure that will look at evaluation and quality control of existing and future MA programs. The Center aims to set in place an MA program development model for Ivan Franko National University, but applicable to other institutions of higher education in Ukraine. The Center will build on the experience it has gained thus far with the introduction of experimental MA programs, and will use this opportunity to strengthen existing MA programs, introduce new programs and set in place those structures within the university framework that are necessary to oversee quality control, curriculum development, evaluation systems, faculty development, degree design and management and teaching methodologies, as well as future program development within the same framework.

Two groups of 40 selected fellows (10 fellows for each six months) will develop MA courses (core and optional) in Sociology and Cultural Studies. For the period of their work on a course development they receive a fellowship within the project, have an opportunity to use all necessary facilities for their own professional upgrowth (computer, direct Internet access, library, opportunity to have consultations from Guest Professors, participate in seminars, training, conferences). After their participation in the Programme as a fellow they will be able to test the developed course in Lviv National University.