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MA Program


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Course Plan

Programme organizers and members of Curriculum Working Groups in sociology and cultural studies consider it more reasonable to focus attention on the development of general courses in sociology and cultural studies at the present phase of M.A. programme implementation. Such an approach will strengthen the interdisciplinary character of the programmes from the start, and will allow more students to apply to them. Once the first phase of programme implementation is successfully completed, the separate fields of sociology and cultural studies will be developed. In this phase, more attention will be paid to optional courses, which will reduce the proportion of general courses.

  Sociology Cultural Studies

Core Courses:
1. Philosophy
2. Foreign language

3. History and Theory of Contemporary Sociology (from the beginning of the 20th century)
4. Methodology of Sociological Research

Core Courses:
1. Philosophy
2. Foreign language
3. History of Culture
4. Theory of Culture: Current Debates

Core Courses:
1. Social Stratification and Inequality
2. Qualitative Methods of
Sociological ---Research
Quantitative Methods of Sociological Research
Optional courses:
-1. One of the following:
-- Economic Sociology
-- Political Sociology
-- Sociology of Culture

-2. One of the following:
-- Social Psychology
-- Sociology of Marketing and Management
-- Sociology of Religion

Core Courses:
1. Anthropology of Culture
2. Communication and Media

Optional Courses:
1. One of the following:
-- Mass Culture
-- History and Memory
-- Cultural Orientation after the Soviet Era

2. One of the following:
-- Gender Studies
-- Dimensions and Dynamics of Identity
3. One of the following:
-- Globalization and Cultural Diversity
-- Religions and Secularism in Modern Society

-- Violence and Recognition in Culture
Optional courses:
3. Three of the following:
-- Sociology of Organization
-- Sociology of Work and Occupation
-- Sociology of Public Opinion
-- Social Policy
-- Sociology of Gender
-- Sociology of Mass Communication
-- Ethnosociology
-- Post-Communist Transformations
-- Sociology of Small Groups
-- Modelling and Forecasting of Social Processes
-- Environmental Sociology

Optional courses:
1. One of the following:
-- Ukrainian Culture: Challenge of Modernity
-- European Integration
-- Contemporary Approaches
to Nationalism
2. One of the following:
-- Aesthetical Dimensions of Culture
-- Sociolinguistics of Culture
-- Semiotics of Culture
3. One of the following:
-- Visual Communication
-- Rhetoric